Capacity building is the improvement in an individual or organization’s facility to produce, perform or deploy effectively and optimally.

At Caarel Quality Services and Services (CQSS) we strive to upskill your teams so they can get the most out of our capacity.

Our capacity building programmes include but not limited to:

1. Performance Development Training for 2 days

A roadmap for developing, implementing and evaluating performance management systems.

A key objective of the Performance Development Program (PDP) Course  is to enable employees and managers to work collaboratively to set performance and career development goals; monitor and discuss progress on a regular basis; receive coaching, mentoring, support, and tools; and meaningful recognition for achieving the goals.

2. Supervisory Skills Training for 2 Days

Our Training is designed to give supervisors and middle managers a deeper understanding of important leadership and supervision concepts.

3. Leadership, governance and management Training

This course is tailored to equip participants with practical skills of Leadership and good governance aimed at improving their strategic thinking and decision making for responding to development challenges.

4. Customer care/service training

Our Customer Care course aim at improving customer satisfaction and grow your business.

We aim to develop and fine-tune customer service skills through our customer service training course

5. Group dynamics training

This course is aimed and creating awareness of the flow of human relations, raising awareness of the deeper issues that influence group behavior, and developing facilitator skills that access the group dynamic and maximize learning from experience. It is designed for those who want to work at depth with groups, and for those wish to enhance their skill when managing difficult situations, raising awareness and leading change.

6. Change Management Training

The training focuses on developing the critical skills needed to effectively manage change in the workplace. It also covers how to motivate people through the change process.

7. Organizational Development Training

Training covers various angles of organization development including the theories, basis, models, tools, and process of developing organization. Organization Development (OD) Fundamentals training will teach you the fundamentals and principals of managing change and aligning people, and exercising for success.

8. Project Management Training

This course presents the best practices techniques used to manage projects. It covers all the stages of a project from initiation through planning, execution, and closeout. Participants in the course work in teams to develop a project plan for an actual live project.   

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