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A thorough, actionable understanding of international standards such as ISO-22000FSSC-22000 and the BRCGS, is crucial for delivering a functional, reliable FSMS. We offer comprehensive courses give your teams the skills they need to implement compliant food safety management. Open classrooms, virtual classrooms, on-site classrooms and e-learning offerings make it possible to find a course for any need, anywhere (FULL SERVICE PACKAGE)



  1. Gap Assessment and report.
  2. Train top management.
  3. General awareness to other staff.
  4. Core Team Training and documentation training and assist the team on actual development of quality manuals, SOPS, Objective Setting, process mapping eventually aid and assist the company to implement the management system.
  5. Risk management Training.
  6. Train internal auditors to self-audit their processes in conformity to the system.
  7. Recommend a reputable ISO certification body to the client.


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