“Facilitating organizations dream through implementation of leaner and fitter management systems”

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In today’s business world “Quality Management” & “Knowledge Management” strategies have become highly important for organizations as they seek to survive and grow in the rapid growing competitive market. The ability of organizations to supply the best products, services is directly linked to quality management, while the competence of staff is also crucial in delivering these products and services.

Who are we?

Caarel Quality Services and Solutions (CQSS) is a Kenyan registered firm specializing in consultancy and implementation of ISO Management Systems, Training programs in ISO Standards, Process Improvement programmes and individual Capacity building and development training programmes.

Caarel Quality Services and Solutions (CQSS) offers Services to help Organizations develop a competitive edge and maintain an influential position in the marketplace through implementation of ISO Management Systems, Training services and other capacity building programmes.

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Our focus is always on the customers unique needs

We have a team of skilled technical support and staff who understand the market

We have compiled with both National and International requirements

We are affordable thus cost saving to our customer

We have embrace evolution thus, innovative in our approach

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